Venture Building as a Service to launch and Scale Digital Ventures

Lean and agile venture building support services to build, launch and scale tech-driven ventures without the overhead cost.
CEEDLAB is your reliable day-one co-founder. We bring the experience and hands-on technical support for digital venture creation, operation, and management as a service.


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Venture Building as a Service

Venture Creation

From planning the business, revenue and marketing models of a start-up enterprise. We equip you with the tools and resources to build your business.

Venture Operations

Comprehensive suite of support functions encompasses Financial Operations, Marketing Operations, and People Operations.

Venture Management

Hands-on approach to ensure your venture operates efficiently, complies with legal regulations, and achieves its growth objectives.

Our Approach

Flexible and agile venture building support services to build, launch and scale tech-driven ventures without the overhead cost.


Hire our venture building services or team on a flexible per project basis as you need and grow.


We are your early stage hands-on venture advisor from day one, ready to help you ideate and launch.


Keep your operations lean with our venture administrative and operations services.

Who we work with

Got great ideas for a digital platform, but you don’t know how to build it?


Hands-on co-founder support at every stage of your venture creation journey. From ideation, product development to market research and go-to-market strategies, we provide the resources and expertise needed to transform innovative ideas into successful digital ventures.

Our goal is to help founders launch scalable and market-ready products that captivate their audience and attract investment.


We work with startups to provide strategic venture building services and tailored solutions. From advisory, development, operations and management.

Our collaborative approach aligns with specific goals and budget constraints, delivering impactful outcomes for startups.

Corporate Innovation

As a corporate innovation lab, Ceedlab partners with  companies to foster a culture of innovation and drive  new revenue initiative through digital venture creation. We provide a dedicated space and resources for ideation, experimentation, and collaboration, enabling corporates to explore new ideas, develop cutting-edge solutions, and stay ahead in today's competitive business landscape.