Your reliable venture partner from day one.

CEEDLAB is your reliable day one venture partner for digital venture building support services offering holistic hands-on support from the creation to operation and management of digital ventures.
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CEEDLAB is the brainchild of CEEDCAP INC. We are a dynamic team of visionary innovators, creative designers, dedicated customer support professionals, marketing maestros, and financial experts.

Our journey began with a mission to alleviate the tedium and fatigue that often accompanies the repetitive tasks in the realm of digital innovation and venture building. We set out to transform the "Well, that was tedious..." moments into resounding "WOW!" experiences.

Along this path, we've found immense joy in collaborating to craft solutions that empower entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. Our tools and expertise have become essential for millions across the globe.

We proudly call Lagos, Nigeria, our home base—a city known for its vibrant culture, entrepreneurship, and boundless energy. We are a close-knit, agile team, committed to delivering innovation and excellence.

Like the finest local brew, we're crafted with care, powered by passion, and driven by a commitment to organic growth and sustainable success.

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